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Garmin 60csx

So, here we have it, the Garmin 60CSx. It is one of the most popular GPS models for outdoor and marine use. Garmin 60csx is pretty much better, updated version of Garmin 60CS.  What makes the biggest difference between the two is extremly accureate and high quality GPS signal receiver from SiRP which easily tracks you under the trees, in deep canyons or under heavy clouds. Great update is also TFT display, which is easilyreadable in all lighting conditions. You will also get 64MB microSD card (is inside of the waterproof compartment) in package with your Garmin 60csx device, which you can use for any additional maps. These are unfortunatelly sold separately, but this is very common thing in today’s GPS marketplace. Add the cherry on the cake – the new integrated barometric altimeter – and electronic compass. With all this yor’re ready to roll straight away (make sure to get all available updates though, use this site ). New Garmin 60csx will take you for and advature anywhere on Earth – land or sea.


Garmin 60csx – technical details


With 1.3″ x 2.4″ x 6.1″ and 7.5oz of weight Garmin 60csx will perfectly fit in any hand or pocket. The display is 2.6-inch, 256-color TFT and designed to cope with any lighting conditions. The case is lightweight and water resistant (Garmin 60csx will last up to 30 minutes under up to 1 meter of water, which is handy when travelling on water).

Garmin 60csx is powered with 2 AA batteries, should last up to 20 hours (according to the manufacturer, in my test around 17hrs when not using constantly). The unit comes preloaded with Americas autoroute map which includes information such as highway exits and tide times. You will also get marine point database, very usefull if used when for example kayaking. You can even get turn-by-turn directions when using Garmin 60csx as in car GPS. Integrated trip


computer offers loads of usefull data such as total time, odometer, max speed and much more. The (electronic) compas of new Garmin 60 csx will provide you with hedings while standing still. And the new altimeter informs you about your ascent/descent (such as maximum/minimum elevation, ascent or descent rate…) You can store up to 50 routes, 1000 favorites/locations/waypoints, 10000 points tracklog (20 saved tracks, 500 for each one of them). Connectivity is assured by USB and serial port. Another fantastic feature I love is the 4 way rocker pad, which makes navigation in Garmin 60 csx’s menu real breeze even with wet or cold hands. Here is the brief overview of the features included in Garmin 60csx device:


Electronic compass (provides with accurate headings while standing still)

Automatic routing (turn by turn instructions when driving)

Barometric altimeter (provides you with really spot on elevation datas)

Area calculation (used to measure acreage)

Sun, moon and tidal information (sun/moon rise and set information)

Custom points of interest (possibility to add POIs)

Hunting and fishing calendar (provides with ideal times for huntin/fishing)

Outdoor GPS games (help you to enjoy the outdoors a tiny bit more)

Geocaching friendly (new generation hide’n’seek played in GPS circles – www.geocaching.com)



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Garmin 60csx – what will you get in the package?


GPSMAP 60CSx device


Preloaded Basemap


64 MB microSD card


Belt clip


USB cable


MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager


Wrist strap


Owner’s manual


Quick start guide


Garmin 60csx customer reviews


67% real customers of Amazon value Garmin 60csx at least 5 out of 5 stars (and another 22% value it at 4 stars). There are 651 real customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing this review and I want to show you some of those reviews:


Steve from  N. Virginia says: “A very fine piece of equipment!” and adds that he purchased Garmin 60csx from Amazon for $100 less than the nearest competitor. H. Scotch from Fruita adds: “Outstanding accuracy and versatility. After 5 months of use, I have only positive things to say”. John M. Messigner summarized Garmin 60csx in one short sentence:” This unit has it all!”


Where to get Garmin 60csx for the best price?


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